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LaserDuo is an open source laser cutter machine designed and built by Daniele Ingrassia and his team. LaserDuo integrates two different laser sources as key feature, being able to laser cut and engrave a wide range of materials with just one machine. Having available a CO2 and a Yag laser, LaserDuo can work with the following materials:

CO2 Laser Yag Laser
Wood Steel
Plexiglass Stainless steel
POM/Derlin Brass
MDF Copper
Cardboard Aluminium
Fabric Magnesium
Cloth Zinc Plated Steel
Leather Marble

With a working area of 1500x1000mm it is easily possible to make pieces of furniture, shop banners, or elements for architectural structures. Thanks to the 500mm of the Z-axis it is also possible to cut and engrave on high objects, such can be a chair, a bench, a frame, a body part from a car etc. LaserDuo can be equipped with different laser sources to match the needs of a customer in terms of price and performance.

Files to reproduce LaserDuo will be published for download, prior finalization of the first version. In the meantime you can already checkout the repositories for the electronics here: satshakit. If you wish to help to speed up the release of the design files, please support us!

Replicable Open Source Design

Developed and built in a Fab Lab as multipurpose machine, LaserDuo allows to access the laser cutting technology at lower price in comparison to similar machines available on the market. Especially considering the possibility to work with metals. The open source design allows the user to fix the machine by himself, and to be aware of the process in a way that he can use it to reproduce the machine or parts for it. Being a challenging project from several aspects, such as size of the working area, Z-axis, speed, resolution and the dual laser, it also offers additional features like an integrated PC to control the machine and launch jobs, and the opportunity to have a 3D printer nozzle. The 3D printer nozzle can transform LaserDuo in a 3D printer, having 1 cubic meter of printing area.

Spec Value
C02 Laser 130W
Yag Laser 75W
Working Area 1500x1000x500mm
Speed 800mm/s
Resolution 1000DPI/0.0254mm
Controller satshakit boards

LaserDuo was developed by having in mind the quality of the components, the solidity of the build and the user safety. It offers a fully metallic frame made out anodized aluminum, safety switches, a double shielded enclosed housing made with 1.5mm aluminium sheets, HiWin linear guides and a certified protective window from LaserVision. All the bodywork and most of the mechanical components are made in Germany. The design allows the user to access specific areas of the machine for maintenance and to replace parts.

Supports us!

Endless weekend time, effort and personal financial resources have been used to independently bring LaserDuo to life. Since one year and half the development has proceed by volunteer help from the team members, which strongly believe on the impact the project can have. We dream in a future of freedom, where open source hardware and Fab Labs enable users to fully understand how to make things they need, and where decentralized production is customized to help the local community. LaserDuo wants to give to the world a powerful open source tool, to digitally lasercut anything a user may need. And for us this is one of the first steps in developing other machines sharing the same philosophy. Practically several other tasks and expensens have to be sustained to give LaserDuo a chance to have a future, such as certifications, purchasing of Fab Lab equipment and to be economically sustainable for the inventor and his team. If you share this mindset, please help us to make this future a reality by donating your support:


File and instructions to replicate LaserDuo can be found in the following link:
LaserDuo github repository

  • Team:
  • Designed and built by Daniele Ingrassia
  • Technical Help by Ahmed B. Abdellatif
  • Logo Design by Jana-Lina Berkenbusch
  • Photographs by Christian SpieƟ
  • Website development by Emir Rustamov

Daniele Ingrassia
Birtener Ring 8B
46509 Xanten
+49 1774978312

LaserDuo is developed at FabLab Kamp-Lintfort:
LaserDuo on socials: